Best Free SEO Tips and Tricks in 2019

best free seo tips and tricks

Here, are the proven best free SEO Tips and Tricks in 2019. This will definitely help you to rank your website and generate backlinks. Hello everyone, today in this post we are going to learn about the best SEO Tips and Tricks in 2019. I think everyone has one or more websites who are reading this post. The shows the importance of SEO. Everyone is trying to build the SEO of their websites. As for myself a blogger, I found some very important SEO Tips and Tricks in 2019. Today, I am going to share these with you in details.

Original Content


The most important thing for SEO and link building (backlinks) is your Own content. If you copy content from other websites, then Google will prefer the 1st indexed website rather than you. If you have your own content, it means your content will get ranked definitely. Don’t start to build backlinks on any website like posting comments. It’s waste of time. Many bloggers don’t know that all the comments you commented get direct “no-follow” link. Just write your own content. You will get backlinks automatically. If a good website needs some images and articles from the Internet and they will search on search engines. If you have ranked your articles and images, they might gather some pieces of information from your content and provide you as a source giving some backlinks. This is the best method for link building.

On Page SEO Optimization

On Page SEO Optimization
On Page SEO Optimization

Another factor to determine the SEO of a website is On Page SEO. The On Page SEO of every post, pages, and category must be good to get ranked on Search Engines. The On Page SEO provides the details of your content to Google and Bing while crawling. This also includes the image SEO Optimization. As I already told you, use the ALT Keywords, Caption, and description properly to rank your images also in the Search Engines. If someone downloads and uploads your image, they might give you a backlink for that image.
On Page SEO is determined on the basis of the following things:

  • The relation between Title, Slug and Meta Description
  • Use of Proper Headings in the Post
  • Length of your Post
SEO Optimization
SEO Optimization

Are you a WordPress user? If yes, we have written detailed articles on On Page SEO optimization. Hope this might help you.

Page Speed

Page Speed for Good SEO
Page Speed for Good SEO

Page Speed is taken as an important factor for better ranking of a site. If your site loads too slow, then Search Engines like Google will rank another site whose page loading speed is fast. You can check your page loading time here for free from Google.

The score can be categorized into three parts and they are:
Good: The page scores 80 or above. It is almost performing at speed and needs less optimization.
Medium: This needs some common performance optimizations and it scores from 60 to 79.
Low: The page is not optimized and needs a huge performance Optimization and it scores from 0 to 59.

How to decrease page loading speed and get a good score in Google Page Speed?

It is very easy to decrease page loading speed. Google Page Speed tools not only shows the problems, it also gives the possible optimization for a good page speed score. The main factors for slow loading of the site are images. There are many free image size compression tools that decrease the size of images without disturbing the quality. If you are using WordPress then there is a tool for you “Smush Image Compression and Optimisation“.

Smush Image Compression and Optimisation
Smush Image Compression and Optimisation

It is really a good plugin. It will automatically compress the image you upload in your website. It can also compress the image which you have already uploaded. There are also some very good plugins for increasing the performance of the site. You can install any one of them. All of them has free and pro features. Free features are enough to make your site performance good.
1. W3 Total Cache [Editor’s choice]
2. WP Super Cache
3. Autoptimize

Good & Attractive Theme

If you had a good and attractive theme, People will definitely think that the website is formed by some good developers or company. So, they trust you. Trust is also a good thing that helps to increase your rankings in the google. So, try to use or make a good theme that can attract more users.

Google & Bing Webmaster Tools

Google & Bing Webmaster Tools
Google & Bing Webmaster Tools

These tools are the best tools provided by Google and Bing for free. This tool helps to index your new posts faster than usual in the Search Engines. This tool is too important as it provides Google and Bing a permission to crawl your website. For example, if you are a boss of a company and you allow your cleaner to come and clean the office twice a week or at some frequency. Let you install something in your office and this causes dirty in the office. The cleaner is coming after two days to clean it. If you told this about the cleaner, he/she will definitely come in a few minutes or hours. The same happens with Search Engines like Google and Bing. You can tell them that you have written some post, go and index it. You can also submit your sitemaps to Google and Bing. Sitemaps contain all the links generated in your website through a map. After submitting a sitemap, Search Engines like Google & Bing will check your all the links and index it.

Google Webmaster Tools Beginner’s Guide
Bing Webmaster Tools Beginner’s Guide

Have you found out some SEO tips while blogging? What would you like to see in WordPress in 2018? Let us know in the comments.

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