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Gutenberg WordPress Editor Installation & Features in 2018

Gutenberg WordPress Editor
Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Gutenberg WordPress Editor is an advanced WordPress Visual Editor likely
to be merged into WordPress Core. What does this mean? Is this good or bad for new WordPress Beginners? A group of developers, contributors and volunteers had been working on Gutenberg WordPress Editor since last few months to make WordPress easier and convenient.

The goal of this new editor is to make adding rich content to WordPress simple and enjoyable

Gutenberg WordPress Editor

What is Gutenberg WordPress Editor?

It is an advanced page editor or page builder for WordPress. This will replace the default WordPress Editor. Matt Mullenweg is the founder of this page editor.

Gutenberg is an important step forward for WordPress. Gutenberg enables WordPress to build content layouts, not just write articles. It is one of the many transitions happening in WordPress toward a more simplified user experience.

Zack Katz, speaking at WordCamp Denver 2017

Why Gutenberg WordPress Editor?

There is a lot of discussion ongoing related to Gutenberg WordPress Editor. Why Gutenberg WordPress Editor? There are a lot of reasons which make it far better than its pros which we will be discussing further in more details. It has more to do with shortcodes, widgets, custom fields, blocks, and Menus .

Is Gutenberg WordPress Editor a Plugin? Installation Process

As per the article published time, Gutenberg WordPress Editor isn’t installed in WordPress Core. It is likely to be merged in WordPress Core after it gets updated to WordPress 5.0. Still, Many people are arguing with WordPress why to put it in a core. Currently, It’s a WordPress Plugin. You can install it now through WordPress Plugin Store or Go to this link to download Gutenberg WordPress Editor Plugin. It requires a minimum WordPress Version of 4.9.6 and tested up to 4.9.7

Gutenberg WordPress Editor Plugin Installation Process

Exploring Gutenberg WordPress Editor

After installing the Gutenberg WordPress Editor, you will experience a new and extra feature WordPress Editor rather than the default WordPress Editor. After installation, you can notice a “Gutenberg” Menu in the left sidebar of Admin Panel.

You can also found a change when you open the pages or posts menu from the admin panel. The default WordPress editor has been changed to Gutenberg WordPress Editor. You can still edit through the default WordPress editor by clicking on classic WordPress Editor.

More Advanced than WordPress Visual Editor

The default WordPress editor has not been so convenient to new users and they had to install other WordPress editor Plugins like Tagdiv Visual Editor, TinyMCE and so on. So, Users have to purchase some premium new Visual Editor plugins for them where TinyMCE is free. Developers are making this editor too good to install this in the WordPress Core. The main purpose of developing this editor to help new users understand WordPress easily similar to Wix and Squarespace.

Use your own Styles

You are able to make your own styles while writing a post. You can select the size of text, background color and text color from the right sidebar of this editor. For text alignment and font weight, it is in the top of the Gutenberg WordPress Editor.

Gutenberg WordPress Editor
Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Live HTML Block Preview & Caption

You can get the live HTML block preview from the new Gutenberg WordPress Editor. This is pretty good as we don’t have to switch like Visual Editor and Code Editor. You can get the live preview of HTML code you inserted instantly. Another cool feature is that you didn’t need to click the image to add the caption. Just you can type in the caption box below the image.

Instant HTML Block Preview
Instant HTML Block Preview

Drag and Drop Feature for Images

This feature is quite similar to the other visual editor. You can directly drag and drop an image or insert through uploading to Media Library. 

Drop and Drag Image

Custom CSS and ALT Text Options

A new custom CSS button has been added on the right sidebar of the Gutenberg WordPress Editor. You can also easily add some ALT text instantly by clicking on the image you want to add.

Most Used Blocks

If you want to add some new blocks, it shows the most used blocks at the top of the “Add Blocks” Menu. You don’t have to search for it or find it as it appears in the top and makes the process faster and easy.

Anchor Supports and Table of Contents

Developers had also created a table of contents which is always at the top of the Gutenberg Editor. If you click on the info sign at the top of the editor YOu will be able to see it. All the links in the table of contents are clickable. If you click on any H1, H2 or others, the editor will take you to the clicked headings.

Table of Contents in Gutenberg WordPress Editor
Table of Contents in Gutenberg WordPress Editor

It also has an anchor supports for the headings tag.

HTML Anchors in Gutenberg WordPress Editor
HTML Anchors in Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Content Structure

Our new Gutenberg Editor consists of an awesome feature which provides all the information on the number of Blocks, Headings, Paragraph and Words Used in a single click on the content structure.

Content Structure
Content Structure

New Pullquotes Block and Alignment Options

We are using the blockquote for a long time for a reason. Pullquotes are a new type. We are using a simple Alignment Option in old visual Editor. In Gutenberg WordPress Editor, You got a new feature, an extra option to align wide and align full width.

Gutenberg Pull Quote Aligned  Wide
Gutenberg Pull Quote Aligned Wide

Button, Embed , and Blocks

The most important feature of Gutenberg WordPress Editor is this one, Button, Embeds and Blocks. I like this feature the most. For embedding, it has made chosen some default sites. You don’t need to put any size for the video. It will optimize the best size. We have to put the URL only. Rest of the parts, Gutenberg does itself.

Youtube Embed in Gutenberg WordPress Editor.
Youtube Embed in Gutenberg WordPress Editor.

Creating a button is too easy in Gutenberg WordPress Editor. You can now easily create one if you are still just a beginner. To add button, Go to “Add Block” and Search for “Button” or directly go under “Layout Elements” and then add and customize the button for color, background color and styles.

Buttons in Gutenberg WordPress Editor
Buttons in Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Good Sides of Gutenberg WordPress Editor

As we had been know to the features and properties of Gutenberg WordPress Editor. I believe almost very users like it if they know how to uses it. I think this is the best visual editor of those who don’t know much more coding.

  • More Advanced than normal WordPress Editor and other Visual Editor.
  • Simple to use
  • No need of coding for buttons and CSS
  • HTML Anchors, Table of Contents & New Alignment Options
  • Inserter Tool
  • Media Rich

Cons of Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Although it is available for installation in WordPress, it is fully not developed yet. So, there might be some problems in Gutenberg WordPress Editor as they are in development mode.

  • If you are new and don’t know how to use, it might create you some problems regarding other plugins function while using this editor. For the first time, I was also in a dilemma that where are my other plugins like Yoast SEO, One time Signal, and others.
  • Markdown Support Missing.


If the next version of WordPress comes with a feature that the majority of users immediately want to turn off, or think they’ll never use, then we’ve blown it

WordPress Philosophy

This is going to be the end of WordPress Classic Editor. Gutenberg to getting installed in the core by WordPress 5.0 updates. After this WordPress will move forward a bit. They are always creating a distance between them and others like Wix, Squarespace and so on. Time is ready to tell us whether it has been good to WordPress or not. There will be also an option of classic editor in case if you want to use it for old posts.

What are your thoughts on the Gutenberg project? What would you like to see in WordPress in 2018? Let us know in the comments.

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