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How does Website Work? Know more!

Image showing how website works
Image showing how website works

Most of us surf internet over various websites all the time? But lots of us don’t really know how does website work? Have you ever wondered where websites come from? Learn what websites are made of, where they are stored, and how they get to your computer?

How does website work?

To make a good website, Its always a better idea to know what websites really are? And how they work? Here, we explain all about the website and its working mechanism, So, it helps you to go online easier.

So first off websites are not really that complicated like spider’s web. And its a matter of fact that good website can take a lot of time, money and skill to create. Simply, the website is just a bunch of files just like you have on your computer at home. Websites contain texts, graphics, music, videos, pictures and so on. All website includes computer code written in a programming language called HTML (HyperText Markup Language). If you are still unaware of this code may not be pretty but the web browser on your devices loves it. It is designed to use this code to stick all those files together into a website as a piece of a puzzle and think of the code like instruction on how to talk.

Now, all these files and codes need a place to store. Just like you store music, pictures, videos, etc. on your laptop at home. Websites files too take up space from where all this comes in i.e, Web Hosting Servers.

how does website work
Server with hard drives

Servers are just the super-powerful computer with a lot of extra hard drive and processors unlike what most of us have at home. Servers serve as a place for websites to store and access.and hence, named as servers as they serve data.

Finally, know how do Websites stored on servers get to your computer at home? You just type a domain name like on your browser and smash the Enter Button. If your computer is connected to the internet, behind the scenes your computer goes online to find out the server, where the files of your requested websites are stored. By using whats called Domain Name System (DNS). and Servers have their own particular address. The DNS maintains which a list of which websites are on which servers then tells your computer where they are. Once your computer finds the server. It connects, gets the files, and HTML code and then your browser puts it all together into a website that you can see and use.

Schematic of How does websites work
Schematic of How does websites work

So, that’s it.Hope it helps you to know how websites actually work. Now, its time to create a website of your own. Hope a beginners guide to build a website can help you. Click here to learn how to make websites easily.


Hope our Guide “How actually Website works?” probably helps you to understand about an overview of website working mechanism.

Furthermore, If you have any queries, you can drop off in the below comment box and don’t forget to share this post.

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